The Bretson Chronicles is all about getting crap for cheap. This Friday, after we're full of turkey meat, stuffing/dressing/whatever you call it, and pumpkin pie, we'll be out shopping for some crazy reason. Not everyone will want to be up at 5AM, and for the lazy folks I've rounded up a TON of links for you to check out and steal the best deals from home(in your pajamas).

Some personal tips: look for free shipping or a ship-to-store option, as shipping can get expensive. Also, start looking for what you want to buy NOW, so you can get an idea of the deal you're getting on Black Friday. Now check out these links and enjoy not being trampled by old ladies at the mall!

Deal News: this is my favorite deals site throughout the year, they constantly update-new deals all the time! Check them for electronics, clothes, coupon codes, and other goodies.

Hot Deals: they're definitely geared towards the technologically advanced deal finder, but they have lots of good deals for normal consumers.

Woot!: Woot isn't a deal site that is constantly updated (unless they're having a WootOff!), but instead they have one unbelievably deal until the deal either sells out or until midnight central time, when the next deal is posted. Another perk of this website is the $5 shipping no matter what the item-whether it be a screwdriver set or a 52 inch plasma tv! (see also: wine.woot, shirt.woot)

Retail Me Not: is a site with promo codes for tons of popular online shopping websites (Victoria's Secret, American Eagle,, Kohl's, many more). They also let you inform the rest of us if you tried to code and it worked/didn't work - this sort of lets you decide if the code is worth trying.

Deals Squared: Like Woot!, only this site offers you two deals daily.

Bargainist: This site has tons of deals and coupon codes, updated frequently.

Deal Hack: Lots of good deals here.

Slick Deals: Not a lot different than the others, it "dims" the listing when it expires.

Deal Hunting: Like RetailMeNot, only not quite as impressively set up.

Fat Wallet: A great deals site, complete with forums to discuss deals. This site is maintained by it's users for a lot of content.

Bargainer: "News for Shoppers, News that Saves"

Absurdly Cool: a website with tons of free items offered from many different websites. Some require a short survey, some require you to snail mail your info to them-but the majority just ask for your email and mailing address.

This list wouldn't be complete without mentioning BlackFriday101, a blog run by my good friend Piero.

Many of these sites have their own Black Friday special sections, so be sure to look for those in order to find the best deals.

Best of luck, I'll be thinking of you while marching through the Outlet Malls and other war zones on Friday!

PS: I just found another one: Black Friday Rebates. Enjoy!